Sheryl Sandberg Made Facebook Into a Giant—But At a Cost

As the person who helped Mark Zuckerberg recruit Sheryl Sandberg to Facebook, I take no joy in the news that Sandberg is leaving her post as chief operating officer.

I first encountered Sheryl Sandberg when she was chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Larry Summers during the Clinton administration. Sandberg reached out to introduce me to Bono, who later became my business partner. Sheryl…

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Interview With ChatGPT Reveals the Limits of Chatbots

In 1950, the English computer scientist Alan Turing devised a test he called the imitation game: could a computer program ever convince a human interlocutor that he was talking to another human, rather than to a machine?

The Turing test, as it became known, is often thought of as a test of whether a computer could ever really “think.” But Turing actually intended it as an illu…

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