The Inspiring Story Behind ‘The Swimmers’

Film producers were lining up in 2016 to secure rights to the life story of professional swimmers Yusra and Sara Mardini, but the sisters turned down multiple offers. The siblings were known for their remarkable story of survival and heroism, but after fleeing Syria’s ongoing civil war just one year earlier, they weren’t yet ready for the world to see it on screen.

During the…

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‘Matilda the Musical’ Is a Lively Reimagining

The pleasures of Roald Dahl’s work have survived several generations of children, numerous adaptations good and bad, and more than a few troubling charges of racism and antisemitism. The Welsh-born novelist didn’t even work very hard to hide the latter, admitting to it in an interview conducted shortly before his death in 1990, at age 74. Dahl’s personal views complicate the q…

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