Most Nursing Home Workers in New Survey Say ‘Life Is at Risk’ Daily From Coronavirus

More than three months after a nursing home in Kirkland, Wash., became the center of the country’s first coronavirus outbreak, a majority of nursing home workers believe they’re risking their lives on the job and that their employers are not doing enough to protect them from the virus, according to a new union survey.

Most nursing home workers say their employers (76%) and the…

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The 6 Key Factors That Will Determine the Severity of the COVID-19 Surge in the U.S. This Fall

Here we go again. The United States is now experiencing a fourth wave of COVID-19, with very rapidly rising infections. The surge in new daily cases is driven by the Delta variant, which makes up 83% of sequenced samples in the U.S. and which is estimated to be twice as transmissible as the original strain. One of the reasons that Delta spreads more easily is that a person infected with this va…

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